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It finally happened. Despite the lack of an official announcement, it looks like Verizon has added support for cellular smartwatches on its prepaid plans for a few weeks now.

This is great news for those looking to add a plan for their cellular smartwatches without having to be tied to a postpaid plan. For a while, Verizon has been charging $10 per month for a “prepaid connected smartwatch” plan.

Spotted by 9to5google, the new plan for cellular smartwatches comes in two variations, yet they cost $10 per month each. For starters, the Standalone Connected Smartwatch prepaid plan offers unlimited 5G nationwide or 4G LTE data (15GB high speed data), as well as unlimited talk & text.

On the other hand, the Number Share Mobile prepaid plan offers the same, but involves customers pairing their smartwatch with a smartphone and sharing the number.

As mentioned earlier, both prepaid plans for cellular smartwatches cost $10 per line plus taxes and fees. There are some notes mentioned on Verizon’s website, such as the fact that prepaid accounts are limited to 10 phone lines (including smartphones, basic phones, tablets and Mobile Hotspots) and 30 total lines (including phone lines and Connected Smartwatch lines).

More importantly, the Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t eligible for a standalone plan and is limited to the 30 total line count (includes mobile and connected device lines). Finally, Palm devices and Hum aren’t eligible for prepaid service.

Keep in mind that it’s also possible to activate a smartwatch you already own on a Prepaid Connected Smartwatch plan, but you have to check if it’s compatible with the Verizon network on the Bring Your Own Device page.

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