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It looks like Sony plans to ride the global shutter technology hype generated by the Sony Alpha 9 into their cinema lineup with what appears to be a global shutter version of the Sony PXW-FX9.

Next Sony Cinema Camera (Google Translated)

PXW-Z750 users will be delighted with the larger sensor version, which will be positioned next to XDCAM 6K and CineLine. Global shutter, full-frame oversampling/S35 point-to-point DCI&UHD 4K/120p, S35 oversampling FHD/240p, does not support X-OCN internal recording.

The 15+ stop IQ of FX9 is maintained, but the base ISO is raised to F55-level ISO2000, and the second ISO is set to 6400, which is slightly higher than FX9’s 5120. It seems to be a stage scene with PXW-Z750 and PXW-FX9M2 dual broadcast cameras.

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