TFL Pain Solution

TFL PAIN SUFFERERS: If You Can Invest Just 15 Minutes, 3 Days Per Week, You Can Eliminate Your Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain For Good


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The Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain Solution Program

You already understand that tensor fasciae latae pain isn't going to be cured by stretching, massage, foam rolling or trigger point therapy alone.

You also understand that the root cause of your TFL pain is due to it compensating for something – perhaps a muscle length, joint capsule or fascial limitation; or a muscle that's weak, underactive or overactive – which leads to dysfunctional movement and/or activation patterns (M/APs) and pain.

Basically, the TFL has been asked to do more than it's capable of and it gets sore just like you'd be if you never run and decide on a whim to go and do a marathon!…

So, you realize that simply trying to stretch or rub the symptoms away won't work and the only lasting solution is to address the root causes by restoring proper function to the hip joint, activate and strengthen all of the surrounding muscles and build optimal movement patterns.

For you, my educated friend, I have created the Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain Solution Program.

The Tensor Fasciae Latae Pain Solution Program is a progressive 2-phase, 8-week program with every technique, exercise, rep, set and detail outlined in an easy-to-follow format.

It's based on the Precision Movement 3 Step Process you've already learned about that will restore proper function to the hip joint, activate and strengthen all of the surrounding muscles and build movement (pain-free) patterns.

Best of all the program requires just 15 minutes, 3 days per week and you can do it at home with minimal equipment, making it easy for even the busiest person to fit into their schedule.

Here's What You're Getting With The TFL Pain Solution:

The Training Guide

Inside the Training Guide you get an overview of the entire program, how everything is laid out, how to schedule and progress the workouts and pictures and bullet points to help you execute every exercise with proper form.

This is a birdseye view of what you'll be following giving you the path to freedom from pain

High Quality HD Videos

Both background and follow-along workout videos are included in the program.

You'll learn the anatomy, biomechanics and core concepts of the program from the background videos, then you'll follow-along with the workout videos where you'll learn how to execute all of the exercises with proper technique.


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