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Even though Google said that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have updated camera hardware with a 50MP main camera with 21 percent more light sensitivity than the Pixel 7, the company has so far not revealed the name of the sensor. Prior to the series’ release, rumors were swirling around that the phones would ditch the Pixel 6 and 7’s ISOCELL GN1 sensor for the ISOCELL GN2 but late-stage rumors said they would stick with the GN1.
Even though Google made it clear that the Pixel 8 features a new primary camera with the new Dual Exposure technology which takes two images at the same time for natural-looking videos, we still don’t know which sensor it is.
XDA Developers believe that it’s the Samsung GNV sensor. It’s not a new sensor and can be found on many 2022 Android phones including the Vivo X80 Pro. If earlier reports are to be believed, the GNV is a slightly modified version of the GN1 and it’s 1/1.3 inch in size.
In contrast, the GN2 is a bigger 1/1.12-inch sensor with 1.4μm pixels, compared to the GN1’s 1.2µm pixels.
Even though the phones don’t have the sensor everyone was expecting, it’s very much a new sensor. Besides, Google has always relied more on software than hardware to give its phones an edge over other top camera phones.

The Pixel 8 Pro also has a higher-resolution 48MP ultrawide camera which can gather more light, a better 48MP telephoto camera for cleaner photos in low-light settings, and an improved front-facing camera with better autofocus. 

The Pixel 8 Pro can also shoot HDR+ and Night Sight videos but the processing will be done on the cloud as smartphones of today aren’t powerful enough to handle computational video. The feature is coming later this year.

The Pixel 8 Pro also gives you Pro Controls that will let you adjust focus, shutter speed, and ISO manually, in addition to exposure, white balance, and shadow brightness.

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