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Nikon has acknowledged the stories of Z8 strap lug failure and said it will repair units in the affected serial number range.

The company says it received reports of problems with the metal strap eyelets on some cameras and has discovered that they: ‘may become loose or separate from the camera body… this issue may occur if a Z 8 camera strap eyelet is subjected to conditions such as a strong impact or continuous heavy stress.’

As with the concern over some bodies not correctly mounting lenses, Nikon is asking users to type check their serial numbers to see whether their camera is affected. Nikon will pay to ship affected cameras to one of its service centers to have the lugs replaced.

This is the second ‘service advisory’ for the company’s $4000 Stacked CMOS mirrorless camera. Camera owners can check to see if either defect is expected to be present in their camera by entering their serial number at the following website:

Check your Nikon Z8’s serial number

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