My Honest Review Of Madewell’s New 2023 Plus Size Jeans Leave a comment

I put this pair on and immediately noticed that there was a substantial waist gap in the back. Meanwhile, the front of the jeans was too snug through my lower belly area. I think Madewell’s Curvy fit, made for customers with a waist narrower than their hips, would have fit better on me in this style. That said, I wore this pair for a full 12-hour day, which went from work meetings around New York City to a date night happy hour. Throughout the day, I felt the beginnings of the breaking-in process starting to occur: The stiff denim became a smidge more pliable; the tight areas started squeezing a little bit less. Since these are a stiffer denim with no stretch, I’d estimate it would take at least two to three more wears until they are fully comfortable and broken in.

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