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Today we will discuss the acquisition from HP of Poly (Formerly known as Plantronics) and what this means for end users and product line up.

As you are aware, Plantronics about late 2020 and early 2021 finalized the bought of Polycom, this being one of the major big names on conference desk phones as in communications infrastructure and with a wide product catalog. After this merge both of the brands renamed as POLY and as you are aware most of their products switched on their products, their bases and boxes from the old “Plantronics” or “PLT” logo to the new and freshly for late 2021 “Poly” logo.

With this transition, the product lines of both brand continued the same with no bigger changes as it was mainly their logos on the boxes and items, making it almost unnoticeable for untrained eye on how to spot the changes.

Fast forwarding now on early 2023, to be more exact on March was when the news were out that HP had finalized the acquisition of the brand Poly and with this now Poly becomes a brand under the HP umbrella that is wide world know for all their electronic products including but not limiting as personal computers, laptops, printers among others and now with Poly’s technology on headsets, video conference and telecommunications makes it a jointly new adventure with a promising future. As the vision on this new venture is to focus on what is call the new norm of hybrid work solutions.

Thanks to HP Customer Service taking over and helping the Poly side, now the warranty and customer services inquiries have a faster response time and with a 24hr a day tech support alive either by phone or chat online, this being a promising experience for people in need of a helpful hand at different times of the day or night.

During the year 2023 Poly will continue to handle it’s tech support issues until the end of the year that is when HP will officially take over. The same is going to happen with authorized partners assistance as they all will be moved into the new HP platform and according to HP all this will get finalized by the end of Q4 of 2023.

Special mention as now this would be a little more confusing that with the previous merge and we will discuss this next to avoid miscommunications and frustrations down the road.

Poly SKU’s VS HP SKU’s

The first thing people will notice at the time of trying to order any Poly product would be the change of the SKU, when Poly manufactured their products most of their SKU’s would be consisting of only numbers plantronics cs540 wireless headset, convertible (c054, co54) viewsuch as the CS540 headset making it easy to identify and order on the most common headset setup. The more specialized products or known as “Special Products” line usually started with a number “9” before and with this you willplantronics smh 1783 headset for visually impaired, dictation view automatically know that is a special division product such as the SMH 1783 Headset for the Visually Impaired.

To begin with this need to mention that the Poly products remain the same and they do work the same way that had been designed for and work with great performance. The changes will be coming in the part #’s, as part of the acquisition, all the Poly SKU’s must be transferred to HP SKU’s and this could take sometime and for the same reason perhaps the old Poly part # is not available anywhere as they already changed to the new HP part #. No need to freak out as if you got into this situation you can always give a call and speak with a live agent to help you as they would have a list of the part #’s change.

The part number change is not something that will be done on a over night move, this process will take some time and for the same reason as Poly is still running their production you might find that if you ordered the Poly part # perhaps you got shipped the HP part # or vice versa, nothing to get worried, as long as the item matches the name on the box you will be fine.

The new HP SKU nomenclature will be a mix of numbers, letters and special characterspoly ca22cd-sc ptt wireless adapter single channel (no return) view which is why this time it can become a little tricky for the untrained eye, a perfect example of one of the first ones on changing is the CA22CD-SC PTT Adapter, as this is one of the first ones on taking the new HP SKU and as you can see the new part has the mentioned mix.

Thanks to this acquisition now HP has an Ace under the sleeve, thanks to the knowledge and technology of telecommunications from Poly now can offer a full wide arrange of solutions for remote workers or hybrid workers as it mixes both of perfect worlds and with the trusty HP Customer Service support gives the end user a piece of mind when on duty and of assistance of help. With this move, there will be new products coming up, giving a huge advantage versus the competition today. As soon as these get out we will be reporting of them.


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