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Waldorf, for example, didn’t stop dressing for her inner child every single Thanksgiving, no matter how many schemes and only-daughter complexes exploded at the dinner table. In Season 3, we see her sport that gorgeous brocade frock while getting angry at her mom for her supposed pregnancy while Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” plays in the background (that last detail is essential to this scene, I promise). By Season 4, she’s about to fly off to Paris to visit her dad wearing an orange plaid dress and sheer black tights when she gets derailed to see her best friend Serena in rehab. Every year, there she is, styled up with the best of intentions to celebrate her favorite holiday, including references to children’s clothing that somehow look chic on a 20-something. While she should know better by now, why waste an opportunity to create an unbelievably impossible fantasy? Or even dress up for it? 

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