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Whether you actually lived through the 2000s or are living vicariously through the decade via TikTok OOTD videos and style trends, there’s no shortage of Y2K fashion to take inspiration from. And Urban Outfitters is one of the meccas for all the clothing, shoes, and accessories you need to achieve the Y2K fashion aesthetic today.

The Y2K comeback is now embraced by millennials (who wore these styles as teens) and Gen Z alike. This is all to say one thing: Y2K fashion is back and beloved because the clothes reviving these turn-of-century trends are more wearable than they used to be. For instance, we’re seeing cargo pants that don’t drag on the ground, metallics that aren’t only reserved for nighttime, and low-rise jeans that actually cover the booty.

The Y2K fashions of today are fearless, cute, and, yes, nostalgic (think baguette bags, body chains, and ballet flats). Ahead, we put together an Urban Outfitters guide to navigating Y2K fashion and incorporating it into your wardrobe — that is if you’re feeling fly like that.

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