Amazon has a few different Apple Watch Series 9 models on sale at a cool $50 discount Leave a comment

Let’s be honest, a $50 discount is not exactly what most people have in mind when trying to imagine the ideal Black Friday deal. That’s especially true if we’re talking about a product regularly priced at $400 and up, but when said device is manufactured by Apple and only a few months old, long-time bargain hunters probably know they often need to be content with whatever they can get as far as savings go.

Long story short, the 50 bucks currently slashed off the list prices of a number of Apple Watch Series 9 variants by Amazon are arguably nothing to sneeze at. And although the holiday shopping season is long and full of surprises, there’s definitely a good chance this discount will not be surpassed by any major US retailers this year.

In other words, we may well be looking here at an actual Black Friday 2023 promotion available ahead of time on the large 45mm Series 9 with and without standalone cellular connectivity in a couple of paint jobs. Given how volatile these types of deals tend to be, you might be lucky to find more than one or two colorways in stock at $50 off depending on when you decide to pull the trigger… or you might be unlucky to miss the sale altogether.

Of course, Apple’s most… enthusiastic fans are likely to opt for the newer model, which normally costs $429 and $529 in a 45mm size without and with built-in 4G LTE support respectively. Probably the best smartwatch in the world right now for iPhone users, the Apple Watch Series 9 strongly resembles its predecessor in many important ways while adding a neat new Double Tap gesture to further improve the user experience and making a bunch of other changes across key areas like processing power, screen brightness, and storage space.

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